a. Ordinary Members:

RM30.00 per calendar year;

b. Life Members:

RM300.00 in full or by five installments of RM60.00 and payable within 12 Months

c. Commercial Membership (allows 2 representatives per company):

RM500.00 per calendar year.

d. Honorary Members:

Honorary Members shall pay no subscription

e. Associate Members

RM30.00 per calendar year



All yearly subscriptions shall be payable in advance within 30 days of the year. Payment shall be made to the Honorary Treasurer.



Special subscriptions or levies for particular purpose may be raised from members by resolution of the Annual General Meeting or an Emergency General Meeting of the Society. If any member fails to pay such subscription within such period as may be resolved, the amount due shall be treated in the same way as arrears of yearly subscription.